Together towards 2030 (ENG)

Together Towards 2030

Norway presented its candidacy
to the Executive Board of UNESCO
for the term 2025-2029 in March 2022

  • Norway is a firm supporter of multilateral cooperation. We seek common solutions to global issues, and will be a constructive, dedicated and reliable member of the Executive Board.  
  • Norway has a long history of cooperating with developing countries, of promoting solidarity and partnerships for sustainable development and peace, and of including youth as crucial partners in policy development.
  • Norway supports UNESCO’s human rights mandate and UNESCO’s work for youth, inclusion and equality.  
  • As a member of the Executive Board, Norway will work to make knowledge, science and high-quality education accessible to all based on equality, inclusion and social mobility.  
  • Norway will work to promote a more robust, sustainable and inclusive ocean economy and will continue to support the UN Decade of Ocean Science.  
  • Norway supports UNESCO’s mandate on culture, including the preservation of heritage, cultural and natural, tangible and intangible.  

Multilateral cooperation is more important
than ever before, and Norway has a clear vision for how to achieve a relevant, knowledge-based and efficient UNESCO.

A long-standing and consistent partner

Norway recognises that inclusive youth participation and innovation are essential to build a more just and sustainable future for current and future generations. 

Norway has a long history of solidarity and partnerships for peace, human rights and sustainable development. Norway shares UNESCO’s goals of promoting peace and security through collaboration in education, science, culture, communication and information.  

Norway believes that international cooperation is crucial to resolve global challenges and reach common goals, and considers it vital to design policies based on evidence and data.  

Global challenges require common solutions.